JUNE 12, 2010


 The petition is designed to show the public interest in attending such a march "Million Survivor March"in your own state’s capital.



                Uniting survivors and the people that support  and love them.              

   Uniting Child Abuse agencies that are already working on these issues.

Educating the public regarding effects of the abuse, as well as getting 'good-touch & bad touch' education into the schools.

Gaining rights and funding for survivors to overcome the scars of abuse.

Tougher and more uniform laws against pedophiles.

Taking the secrecy and shame out of reporting incidents, this will stop current abuse, and lead to the healing of past abuse situations.

We plan a gathering on June 12, 2010, that will be in each of the fifty states at the State Capitals.

Gaining 500,000 signatures on our petition.



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Our Volunteers are very important to this organization. It is the energies, time, creativeness, devotion and passion they give freely, that is the spine of who we are, as an organization. As members of this anti-child abuse community, we fight for ‘the right to safety’ of all children. Therefore, to protect our children, our volunteers and this organization that we represent, and our supporters, we must have some basic requirements.

We welcome volunteers of all ages.
Children are who we fight for to make a better world in which to live.
Survivors are who we fight for to increase laws of better heath care in which to ease the pain & improve the process of recovery.
We welcome and encourage our young children to attend and help their parents with all our events and fund raisers. What better way to learn life’s lessons, than to learn how to help yourself and others as well.







This is not a day for sadness and tears ...
This is a day to celebrate that we are survivors !

1)Selling T-shirts and ribbons to promote the March.
Writing paper definition of write my paper.
2)Concentrating on ways to educate children on how to stay safe
 from abuse happening in their homes, on the web and on the streets.

3)Educating survivors as to their rights and ways to seek therapy.

4)Passing out fliers and posters to promote the March and Child Sexual Abuse Awareness.

5)Having various events, across the country, in all states, to raise funds, recruit volunteers, spread awareness and educate the public about our cause & this atrocity against our children.

6)Promoting sponsorships from, and partnerships with,
other organizations and companies,
to better enhance awareness of Child Sexual Abuse.

7)Working with professionals to improve the laws that govern our children's
safety against pedophiles and strengthen our law enforcement's means 
to better enable them to enforce these laws.

All monies donated, raised thru fund raisers and sales of product, from individuals, companies and organizations of any kind, to Million Survivor March will go 100%, to the Million Survivor March.

Monies will be spent to directly help our cause: pay for rally license, internet costs, fees and costs necessary to have certain kinds of events, foods and promotional items to sale at events, printing and postal costs, materials necessary directly related to educate and enhance awareness, etc.